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The media from the state of Mexico, has talked about the conflict between a group of shelter-less “antorchistas” and the municipal president from Cuautitlan Izcalli, with origin from the PRI party, Alejandra del Moral Vela. But it gives an image totally distorted and, of course, shamelessly in favor of the municipal president and her group. That’s why, and because the justice is on the poor colonizers’ side, and because I am convinced that each Mexican has the right of a worthy housing, I will talk about it. It is assured that a group of precarious persons, not from Cuautitlan Izcalli (something, apparently, is a crime or cause of right deprivation), headed by the deputy Maricela Serrano Hernández, pretends to invade a 27.5 hectare land, located in the zone known as “Lago de Guadalupe”. And, against such “aggression”, the municipal president and her “group of communal land people” who are “the real owners of the land” have stood up so heroically (that’s what their friends from the media says).

The first thing that must be cleared is that those communal land people are not such. Back to 1979, some of them required the donation of the communal land, through communal land way, an area including the communal land today in dispute, but they never succeeded for three reasons: first one, they weren’t at least 20 elements as demanded by law (they were only 17); second one, it was demonstrated that they asked for the land with urban conviction; third one, the required land was considered as ecologic reservation. Before such failure, they started to sell lots without any legal back up, to people who really believed in them but not aware of the legal situation of the lands. By 2001, the traffickers, led by José Rendón Orozco, Orlando Guerrero Mendo, Guadalupe Olguín, and José Arvizu, already had a total of 70 persons. With that “power”, they decided to demand the “regularization” of the fraud sales. The negotiator from the Government of the State was lawyer Axel García Aguilera, district attorney of real state properties back then, who promised them the required regularization, but, instead of it, on June 11th a group of police men, without more inquiries, took 20 colonizers who ended up in the “San Juan Ixhuatepec” prison. Three of them (Eleuterio Ortega Silva, Fernando González Medina and Aurelio Padrón Ibarra) were sentenced to 6 years of prison for the crime of invasion and clandestine land division. Since back then, three groups were formed: the one from Orlando Guerrero, the one from Guadalupe Olguín and the one from José Belem Arvizu. In 2004, another “legitimate owner” was added, Adrian Santiago, and, all together, continue with the indiscriminate and illegal sale of the lands. These are the “communal land people” that today leads the municipal president del Moral.       
The abuses and the repeated evasive answers to regularize the property, obliged the defrauded people to demand from the authorities of Cuautitlan Izcalli to cease the threats against the unsatisfied ones and an investigation against Adrián Santiago, because of fraud. The null results took them, finally, to seek for support from the “antorchistas”. The acts of these have never been a secret nor hidden but open and legitimate. Proofs: on June 30th, 2008, with appointed number 224D16200/131/08, the IMEVIS (the competent institution back then) led by Biologist Jesus Tolentino Román Bojorquez, the group’s representative, assumes the responsibility of regularizing the “G fraction” from the “ex hacienda of Santa María of Guadalupe”, Tepojaco, in Cuautitlán Izcalli municipality. He assumes, additionally, non-incorporation of the consolidated area with human settlements and its entire regularization. In that same year, 2008, a kinder garden and an elementary school were founded, with complete official recognition from State of Mexico’s government. On 2009, the compromise to regularize the land was renewed and it was also negotiated, with the municipal president, the temporary water and electrical energy endowment, just to mention some services. The respective documents exist.

On 2010, IMEVIS made the area’s blueprint, resulting in 27.5 hectares, the government branch said, in addition to the inhabited lands, it covered “a surplus” that “Antorcha” could divide, with the condition of paying the land’s total cost. With this foundation, absolutely legal, the Movement “Antorchista” acts and acted always. From 2005 on, everything went fine and calm; but, suddenly, on February 2005, “the communal land people” began to protest against the settlement. On April 5th, some 150 persons were welcomed by the municipal president that, immediately, promised them “all her support” against a “group of subversive, aggressive and problem making strangers”. The day after, on April 6th, the communal land people and police men, under José Ismael del Moral’s leadership, the municipal president’s father, charged against the defend-less inhabitants. Casualties: 43 injured people, 31 wholly or partially burned up vehicles; 14 destroy houses and 40 handcuffed persons, who were freed later on by lack of merits.

What happened here?, Just nothing, I mean, more of the same. It is well known that mister Axel García Aguilera, ex municipal president, ex sub-attorney general and backfired problem negotiator, along with the municipal president and a group of influencing persons, lead an enormous project to commercially exploit the zone. And the “antorchistas” were on their way. That’s it. Meanwhile, Mexican government employees have asked the offended ones to “accept the relocation”, without supplying any substantial argument. The complicity is clear. The old story repeats once again: the rich people to the best land; the poor ones to the gullies, to the dried riverbeds, to the mountains and to the rocky outcrops. And then, when the collapses, the breaking of mountains, the deaths by drowning occurs, to cry crocodile tears to disarm the victims! And like this endlessly, only as long as the people want!



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